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The System Reference Document (SRD) for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition serves to allow people to create custom and licensed content based on this edition of the game. As oppose to the prior edition, 3.5, Wizards of the Coast has been cautious with editions moving forward to prevent potential competitors from directly copying their material and decorating it will a different theme. This issue became apparent as a seeming response to the popularity and similarities between Dungeons & Dragons with other close systems, such as Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder role-playing game.


The 4th Edition SRD contains information which can be used for developing content based on this edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The information included is based on content from the Core rulebooks and Adventurer's Vault rule supplement.

As it is presented, that is what material this wikia can draw from, and other material from this edition must match with the guidelines stated in the document. For instance, a paragon path from Divine Power can include the features and powers granted, but the description must be of our own words. Any quotes used must be cited to their sources, and any images used must credit the artist, unless it is in the public domain.