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Aberrant refers to a creature origin, concerning those that are native to or shaped by the Far Realm.

Creatures with the aberrant origin can be identified with a monster knowledge check using the dungeoneering skill.

See also[]

  • Aboleth Slime, level 15 Alchemical item causing the target to become aberrant until the end of the encounter.[DSH:116]
  • Aberrant Totemic Link, can detect and ask questions on aberrant creatures.
  • Eighth Seal, anti-aberrant psionic epic destiny
  • Formless Predator, paragon path for those with Wild shape, can resemble aberrant creature rather than naural beast
  • Gatekeeper Mystagogue, anti-aberrant paragon path
  • Topaz Crusader, anti-aberrant psionic epic destiny

The following items have a specific function against aberrant creatures:

  • Anathema Weapon, level 3 uncommon weapon, 1/day damage bonus.[PH3:201]
  • The Ashen Crown, a heroic-tier artifact with anti-aberrant properties (at full strength)
    • Ashurta's Blade, level 10 uncommon sword, 1/day restrain aberrant and inhibit teleportation.
  • Byeshk Weapon, level 3 uncommon, 1/day restrain aberrant and inhibit its teleportation.
  • Eye of Allabar, level 15 rare orb, gives bonus to defenses against creatures you didn't attack.[Du207]
  • Farbane, a level 14 rare warhammer designed to slay aberrant creatures.
  • Mask of Melora, level 8 uncommon holy symbol, slightly stronger against aberrants.[AV:86]
  • Reality Cord, level 15 uncommon waist slot item. Increases defenses.[AV:166]
  • Totem of Enduring Vigilance, level 9 uncommon, extra damage.