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"You are as solid as the foundations of the world. Nothing can break you — ever."[MP:150]

Prerequisite: 21st level, fighter or warlord

Armored Icon: When you complete your final quest, you stand as an immaculate example of the knight in shining armor. All armored warriors throughout time recall your story. Your armored form is the ultimate gauge by which all other armored juggernauts measure themselves. To become this icon of indestructibility, you must stand fast in your last battle. You cannot fall, give in to pain, or break in any way. Prove that your armor is like your skin, and your skin is like your armor. It can’t slow you down; instead, it holds you up; Unbreakable, you carry each other into fable. Perhaps your armor even takes you to the side of a deity, such as Kord, who forever holds you up as an exarch of glorious and fearless battle. You then become the patron saint of all such warriors. Your name becomes synonymous with toughness and resilience. It develops into a word with which fighters compliment one another for bold exploits in heavy armor. When you hear echoes of your name spoken in the world, you pound your gauntlet-clad fist to your breastplate. You know that those who aspire to be like you hear the ringing sound with spiritual ears and take heart.

Armor Supremacy (21st level): You gain a +2 bonus to AC while wearing heavy armor. You also ignore any check penalty or speed penalty normally imposed by heavy armor.

Unbreakable Skin (24th level): While wearing heavy armor, you gain resistance to all damage equal to your Constitution modifier.

Hard to Kill (30th level): Once per day, you can treat any saving throw you just rolled as if you had rolled a natural 20.

 Inexorable Advance Adamantine Soldier Utility 26
Nothing can hold you back.
 Daily + Martial, Stance
 Minor Action  Personal
 Effect: Until the stance ends, you can shift 1 square into an adjacent enemy’s space and then push the enemy 1 square as a move action.