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Adept Power is a heroic tier, multiclass daily feat available to characters who already have a multiclass feat for any class, and are 10th level or above.

When a character gains the Adept Power feat, he or she can give up a leveled daily attack power from his or her primary class, and replace it with a daily attack power of the same level or lower from the multiclassed class. The character can't swap paragon path or epic destiny powers with Adept Power.

Each time the character gains a level, he or she can make a different swap, as if he or she lost the multiclassed power, regained the primary class power, then again may swap any leveled primary class daily attack power for one of the same or lower level from the multiclass.

If a character retrains out of Adept Power, he or she loses the power gained from Adept Power, and gains a primary class power of the same level.[PH:209]

See also[]

  • the Novice Power feat for swapping an encounter attack power in the same way
  • the Acolyte Power feat for swapping a utility power in the same way
  • paragon multiclassing for characters who gain a multiclass encounter, multiclass utility, and a multiclass daily feat