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When you especially like a spell, you squeeze every last advantage from its casting.

Prerequisites: 21st level, any arcane class[AP:144]

In your expert opinion, of all the varied spells that have passed the lips of casters down the ages, there is one whose elegance, power, and conceptual fundamental beauty surpasses all others. You should know, because you have endured much to master it. You refer to this spell of spells (with some pride) as your "signature spell."


Upon Completion of your final quest, you gain a final insight into the elegant complexity that lives within your spell. Having cast it so many times, you awaken a resonance between it and your own soul.

Once you out your mortal affairs in order, you embrace that resonance. One last time, you cast your signature spell. As the final syllable leaves your lips, the casting infuses every fiber of your being. You and your spell become the one and the same. As long as anyone else knows your spell you persist in that caster's living mind and in the dusty texts of old tomes, encoded in the spells formula. Perhaps one day when some special mage rediscovers and casts the spell, you will return in physical form, ready to help the world again with a mastery only you can provide.

Archspell Features[]

Archspells gain many benefits based around a single power chosen with the signature spell feature.

Signature Spell (21st level):[]

Chose one of your arcane daily attack powers. You gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls with that power. If you retrain that power, you can chose a new arcane daily attack power as your Signature Spell.

Returning Spell (24th spell):[]

Once per day, when you die, you regain half your hit points on your next turn. if you have already expended your Signature Spell daily attack power, you regain it.

Living Spell (30th level):[]

You can use your Signature Spell as an encounter power rather than a daily power.

Archspell Power[]

Channel the Signature Archspell Utility 26

You bring the power of your signature spell to your lips, but rather  than casting it, you hold it resonating in your mind. until you  cast it, you siphon energy to resist the attacks of others..

 Encounter + Arcane

 Minor Action  Personal

 Effect: You gain resist 15 to all damage until the end of the encounter or until you use your signature spell.