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This article is about the power. For the feat that grants this power, see Avandra's Rescue.

Avandra's rescue
feat utility

Special: A character can use only one Channel Divinity power per encounter.

Target: one ally one ally the same size as the user

Effect: "Shift into the space of an adjacent ally; that ally simultaneously shifts into your space. Your space and your ally's space must be the same size. You and the target each shift 1 square as a free action, swapping positions."[PH:194][Dr398:41]

Avandra's rescue is an encounter power granted by the Avandra's Rescue feat.

Avandra's rescue is used through the Channel Divinity class feature.

Avandra's rescue was republished with a clarification that the shifts are free actions, and formatting changes in the "Class Compendium: Feats" article in Dragon magazine issue 398.