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“Everything my god needs to say to you can be said with my weapon.”[PH2:32]

Avenger is a divine striker class in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition.[PH2:32][DP:4]

Class Traits

Hit Points per Level Gained: 6

Class Skills

Avengers are trained in Religion, plus any three skills from the avenger class skill list:

Armor of Faith

The favor of your deity wards you from harm. While you are neither wearing heavy armor or shield, you gain a +3 bonus to AC. This bonus being untyped, it stacks with the Intelligence or Dexterity bonus for wearing light armor.

Avenger's Censure

An avenger chooses one of the following options. Each option grants the avenger a bonus to damage rolls against the avenger's oath of enmity target in a given situation.

Avenger's Censure option Condition Damage bonus against avenger's oath of enmity target
Censure of Pursuit[PH2:33] the avenger's oath of enmity target willingly moves away from the avenger +2 per tier + Dex modifier until the end of the avenger's next turn
Censure of Retribution[PH2:33] any enemy other than the avenger's oath of enmity target hits the avenger Int modifier until the end of the avenger's next turn, cumulative
Censure of Unity[DP:6] one or more of the avenger's allies are adjacent to the avenger's oath of enmity target +1 per tier for each of the avenger's allies adjacent to the target

Avengers who choose Censure of Pursuit are sometimes called "chasers", and tend to make Dexterity a secondary ability score. Avengers who choose Censure of Retribution are sometimes called "martyrs", and tend to make Intelligence a secondary ability score.

Channel Divinity

Once per encounter you can use a channel divinity power. You start with two channel divinity powers: abjure undead and divine guidance.

With DM permission, you may use divine identification instead of divine guidance. [Dr398:UA]

Oath of Enmity

An avenger can use oath of enmity, a minor action encounter power that affects an enemy until the end of the encounter or until the enemy drops to 0 hit points. An avenger regains the use of oath of enmity when his or her previous oath of enmity effect ends.

When the avenger makes a melee attack against his or her oath of enmity target, and the target is the only enemy adjacent to the avenger, the avenger rolls twice for the attack roll and chooses either result.

If the avenger also has the Avenger's Censure class feature, he or she may deal bonus damage to his or her oath of enmity target as specified by the choice of Avenger's Censure.

Avenger powers

Avenger powers, having a divine power source, are also called prayers.

At-will attack powers

1st level

Encounter attack powers Daily attack powers Utility powers

1st level

1st level

2nd level

3rd level

5th level

6th level

  • aspect of agility[PH2:37]
  • aspect of majesty[DP:10]
  • cloaked steps[Dr386:71]
  • fortifying chant[DP:10]
  • harsh lesson[DP:10]
  • oath of enduring wrath[PH2:37]
  • oath of the relentless hunter[PH2:37]
  • prayer of sacrifice[Dr386:75]
  • soul seeker[Dr372:21]
  • step of fate[DP:10]
  • wrath of the divine[PH2:38]
7th level
  • Avenging Winds[PH2:38]
  • Blade Step[PH2:38]
  • Celestia Endures[DP:10]
  • Chains of Censure[DP:11]
  • Dismiss the Unworthy[DP:11]
  • Excoriating Call[DP:11]
  • Inexorable Pursuit[PH2:38]
  • Inexorable Summons[DP:11]
  • Light of Darkness[Dr372:21]
  • No Respite[Dr382:43]
  • Peal of Thunder[Dr383:77]
  • Splinter the Formation[PH2:38]
9th level
  • Aspect of Speed[PH2:38]
  • Blade of Guilt[DP:11]
  • Blade of Repulsion[Dr382:43]
  • Enduring Strike[PH2:38]
  • Fated Doom[Dr372:21]
  • Glyph of Agony[DP:11]
  • Holy Ardor[DP:11]
  • Oath of Pursuit[PH2:38]
  • Temple of Shadow[PH2:38]
  • Winds of Woe[DP:11]
  • Zealot's Call[DP:12]
10th level
  • Avenger's Readiness[PH2:39]
  • Channel Endurance[PH2:39]
  • Decaying Presence[Dr380:60]
  • Ever Onward[DP:12]
  • Eye of Justice[PH2:39]
  • Leading Step[DP:12]
  • River of Life[PH2:39]
  • Shielding Symbol[DP:12]
  • Wings of Vengeance[DP:12]
13th level
  • Avenger's Demand[DP:12]
  • Cloud of Souls[PH2:39]
  • Crimson Stride[DP:12]
  • Dervish Strike[DP:12]
  • Lifedrinking Covenant[Dr382:43]
  • Light of the Avenging Sun[PH2:39]
  • Sequestering Word[PH2:39]
  • Wages of Sin[DP:12]
  • Weaving Blades[DP:13]
  • Whirling Blades[PH2:39]
15th level
  • Aspect of Fury[PH2:39]
  • Bond of the Sacred Duel[PH2:40]
  • Forceful Call[DP:13]
  • Ghostly Chains[DP:13]
  • Inescapable Justice[DP:13]
  • Oath of Divine Lightning[PH2:40]
  • Oath of the Many[Dr382:43]
  • Sigil of Carcerl[PH2:40]
  • Soul Lightning[DP:13]
  • Temple of Brilliance[DP:13]
  • Tether of Light[DP:14]
  • Zealous Onslaught[DP:14]
16th level
  • Astral Cloak[PH2:40]
  • Battle Blessing[DP:14]
  • Bulwark of Defiance[PH2:40]
  • Pillar of Chernoggar[DP:14]
  • Strength in Unity[DP:14]
  • Summons to Duty[DP:14]
  • Temple of Seclusion[DP:14]
  • Vengeful Revenant[PH2:40]
  • Winds of the Astral Sea[PH2:40]
17th level
  • Accept No Defeat[DP:15]
  • Astral Fury[PH2:40]
  • Chains of Letherna[Dr380:60]
  • Haunting Step[Dr382:44]
  • Lethal Intercession[DP:15]
  • Punishing Blow[DP:15]
  • Ready the Final Blow[PH2:40]
  • Spectral Charge[PH2:41]
  • Vengeful Parry[DP:15]
  • Warding Blade[PH2:41]
  • Wrathful Charge[DP:15]
19th level
  • Aspect of Awe[PH2:41]
  • Blade of Astral Hosts[DP:15]
  • Bonded by Blood[DP:15]
  • Flame Unquenchable[DP:16]
  • Leprous Wound[Dr380:60]
  • Oath of the Inevitable Blade[PH2:41]
  • Radiant Beckoning[Dr382:44]
  • Stroke of Doom[DP:16]
  • Temple of Respite[PH2:41]
  • Vengeful Recovery[PH2:41]
22nd level
  • Ghostly Vengeance[PH2:41]
  • Indomitable Resolve[PH2:41]
  • Oath of the Final Strike[PH2:41]
  • Raven Wings[Dr380:60]
  • Refuge of Piety[DP:16]
  • Seeker's Step[DP:16]
  • Shield of Providence[DP:16]
  • Twin Step[PH2:42]
23rd level
  • Avenger's Shield[PH2:42]
  • Bond of Justice[PH2:42]
  • Chains of Fate[DP:16]
  • Excoriating Challenge[DP:17]
  • Fearsome Fury[DP:17]
  • Phase Duel[PH2:42]
  • Sacred Arena[Dr382:44]
  • Threatening Strike[DP:17]
  • Vengeful Apparition[DP:17]
  • Victory Hymn[DP:17]
25th level
  • Amber Prisons[DP:17]
  • Aspect of Death[PH2:42]
  • Bond of Destiny[PH2:42]
  • Drawn by Fate[DP:17]
  • Executioner's Justice[PH2:42]
  • Mantle of the Astral Champion[DP:18]
  • Sigil of Damnation[PH2:42]
  • Thunderhead Smite[DP:18]
  • Wings of Pursuit[Dr382:44]
27th level
  • Anvil of Faith[DP:18]
  • Astral charge[PH2:43]
  • Brilliant Halo[DP:18]
  • Covenant of Repentance[Dr382:44]
  • Death Stroke[PH2:43]
  • Hand of Silver[DP:18]
  • Inevitable End[PH2:43]
  • Scatter to the Astral Winds[PH2:43]
  • Spark of Hatred[DP:19]
29th level
  • Aspect of Terror[PH2:43]
  • Brand on the Soul[Dr382:44]
  • Cataclysmic Duel[DP:19]
  • Divide and Condemn[DP:19]
  • Eye of the Hurricane[DP:19]
  • Fiery Vengeance[PH2:43]
  • Final Oath[PH2:43]
  • Impaling Summons[DP:19]
  • March of Doom[DP:19]
  • Merciless Nemesis[DP:19]
  • Temple of Resolution[PH2:43]
Unleveled powers
Implement keyword
Censure of Pursuit rider
Censure of Retribution rider
Censure of Unity rider
Dexterity based effect
Intelligence based effect

Avenger Paragon Paths

Refer to the Avenger section in the Paragon Path page or the Avenger Paragon Paths category.

Multiclass Avengers

Characters who did not start as avengers and who do not already have a multiclass feat of a type other than multiclass avenger may multiclass as avengers by taking one of the following entry feats.

Avenger entry feat Prerequisites Benefits
Disciple of Divine Wrath [PH2:196] Wis 13 The character becomes trained in Religion. Once per encounter, the character can use oath of enmity. Oath of enmity only lasts until the end of the character's next turn.
Hero of Faith [DP:144] Wis 15 The character becomes trained in any skill from the avenger class skill list. Once per encounter, the character can use oath of enmity. Oath of enmity only lasts until the character hits the target or the target drops to 0 hit points, and the character cannot switch oath of enmity's target or extend its duration in any way.[U :11/2009]

In addition, each avenger entry feat grants all of the following benefits:

  • The character counts as an avenger, in addition to his or her original class, for the purpose of meeting prerequisites for feats, paragon paths, etc.
  • The character gains implement proficiency with avenger implements, such as holy symbols.
  • The character may take Novice Power, Acolyte Power, and Adept Power feats to exchange powers for avenger powers.
  • If the character takes a multiclass encounter, a multiclass utility, and a multiclass daily feat (such as Novice, Acolyte, and Adept Power), the character can paragon multiclass in avenger instead of taking a paragon path. Paragon multiclassed avengers select additional avenger powers instead of paragon path powers, and may take the Channel of Vengeance[DP:144] feat to gain the avenger channel divinity powers abjure undead and divine guidance, as well as counting as having the Channel Divinity class feature, if not already possessed.

Hybrid Avengers

A character may be created as a hybrid of avenger and another class other than avenger. The hybrid avenger bonus to defense is +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, or +1 Will. The hybrid's avenger class features is Oath of Enmity (hybrid), which is the same as Oath of Enmity except that oath of enmity affects only melee attacks with avenger powers or avenger paragon path powers.

When a hybrid avenger gains the Hybrid Talent feat, he or she chooses one hybrid talent option from either of his or her hybrid classes. The avenger hybrid talent options are:

Armor of Faith
The hybrid avenger gains the Armor of Faith avenger class feature.
Avenger's Censure (hybrid)
Avenger's Censure (hybrid) is the same as Avenger's Censure except that the bonus to damage rolls only applies to avenger powers and avenger paragon path powers.
Channel Divinity (hybrid)
Channel Divinity (hybrid) is the same as Channel Divinity except that the hybrid avenger gains either abjure undead or divine guidance, but not both.[PH3:140]

Suggested Builds

Commanding Avenger

Based on the Censure of Unity, once you have sworn your oath of enmity , you hope to surround your oath of enmity target with as many of your allies as possible. If the enemy seeks to flee, your powers enable you to compel it to face you. Alone you are powerful, but fighting alongside your comrades you are vengeance incarnate. Like other avengers, you should make Wisdom your highest ability score. Intelligence should be your second highest, followed by Dexterity.[DP:10]

Class Features Censure of Unity[DP:6]
Feat Weapon Focus
Skills Athletics, Perception, Religion, Stealth
At-Will Powers bond of censure[DP:6], overwhelming strike[PH2:35]
Encounter Power pass at arms[DP:7]
Daily Power strength of many[DP:8]


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