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"Justice is hard to come by. I’m here to make sure you pay for your crimes!"[MP:24]

Avenging slayers are fighters who see it as their duty to deal justice in a cruel and unforgiving world plagued by monsters and villains. These would-be heroes seek out the seeds of future destruction to prevent new further suffering and to quench the thirst for vengeance that many feel.[MP:24]

Many avenging slayers begin as survivors left behind after some violent disaster, such as the pillaging of a village. For these individuals, their life's course was set the day they were left alive while others died. Others have simply witnessed the suffering of too many and have taken it upon themselves the duty of preventing future sorrow and rooting out evil where it lurks. Whatever their origin these individuals find little rest in their mission, as danger and wickedness lurks around every corner. Even so, those who are wise fear the avenging slayers, for their blade is mercilessly efficient.[MP:24]


Avenging slayers train themselves to be the instrument of a collective will for vengeance across the lands, acquiring many useful abilities in their quest for justice. Even inexperienced slayers have the ability to swiftly turn the tables on their foes or fuel their hunger for vengeance into a deadly and merciless strike. More experienced avenging slayers gain confidence from each enemy they fell, making them even more efficient killers.[MP:24]

Many avenging slayer attacks are particularly deadly against wounded foes. With the comeuppance strike exploit an avenging slayer can with one blow deal a deadly blow to an enemy while striking fear into the hearts of the foe's nearby allies. This ability to instill terror is manifested in other ways, and slayers can, with a fierce glare, send their foes scurrying for cover. Very experienced slayers can also lash out against their enemies in every direction, rattling their nerves and bones alike.[MP:24]