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Axes are weapons that have bladed, heavy heads and deal vicious cuts. An axe’s weight makes it fine for delivering crushing blows.

Axes generally give a +2 proficiency bonus.

Military weapons
Axe Damage Handedness Properties
Battleaxe 1d10 One-handed Versatile
Greataxe 1d12 Two-handed High crit
Halberd 1d10 Two-handed Reach, polearm
Handaxe 1d6 One-handed Heavy thrown (range 5/10), off-hand
Khopesh 1d8 One-handed Heavy blade, brutal 1, versatile

Superior weapons
Axe Damage Group Properties
Double axe 1d10 Double Double. Stout (primary), off-hand (secondary)
Execution axe 1d12 Two-handed Brutal 2, high crit
Urgrosh (axe / spear) 1d12 / 1d6 Double Primary end: Axe, defensive, stout. Secondary end: spear, off-hand.
Waraxe 1d12 One-handed Versatile


Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Axe Expertise - +1/+2/+3 feat bonus to attack roll. If a damage die shows a natural 1, reroll it once.
Axe Mastery Str 21, Con 17, Level 21 Critical hit on natural roll of 19-20.
Axe Strike Power Strike power If you miss with an axe, can expend a use of Power Strike to deal +5/+10/+15 damage to the target (even if it's a minion)
Deadly Axe Str 17, Con 13, Level 11 Treat all axes as high crit.
Dwarven Weapon Training Dwarf Proficiency, and +2 feat bonus to damage.
Deep Gash Con 15, Fighter Untyped ongoing damage has a -2 penalty to saving throws.
Executioner of Undeath - Can reroll any damage die once when doing a weapon attack against an undead (also works with heavy blades)
Headsman's Chop - When hitting with an axe or heavy blade, +5 extra damage to prone targets.
Minotaur Weapon Talent Minotaur Gain proficiency with Battleaxe, Handaxe, Warhammer, and Throwing hammer.
Mror Stalwart Dwarf, Mror Holds background +1 feat bonus to attack rolls using axes and hammers before you move.
Punishing Axe Martial class, Level 11+ On a critical hit, treat rolls of 1 and 2 on critical hit dice and high crit damage to be all rolls of 3.
Savage Axe Fighter Hitting with an opportunity attack gives extra damage equal to constitution modifier.
Sweeping Blade Barbarian, level 21+ Another adjacent enemy takes 4 + Strength modifier damage when you hit an enemy with an opportunity attack (also works with heavy blades)
Symbol of the Sonnlinor Any Divine class, must worship Moradin Gain proficiency with military hammers, axes, and picks. Can use wielded hammers, axes, and picks you are proficient with as divine implements.
Thirsty Blade Barbarian, level 11+ If an enemy is reduced to 0 hit points by one of your charge attacks, each adjacent enemy at the end of the charge takes Strength modifier damage (also works with heavy blades)
Tunnel Stalker Strength 13, Con 13, Dwarf, Rogue Axe usable for sneak attack and powers requiring a light blade. Sneak attack reduced by one die.