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Bane is a deity in the Points of Light and Forgotten Realms campaign settings.

Points of Light[]

God of War by Steve Argyle

Bane in the core setting, illustrated by Steve Argyle.

Balgar by Nico Photos

A cleric of Bane, illustrated by Nico Photos.

In the core Points of Light campaign setting, Bane is the evil-aligned god of war and conquest. Militaristic nations of humans and goblins serve him and conquer in his name. Evil fighters and paladins serve him. He rules from his fortress of Tuer-Chern, which he created around the dead god Tuern's throne. He battles endlessly with Gruumsh for supremacy.[Dr372:25] Many of Bane's warpriest clerics choose the domination domain.[Dr409:2] He commands his worshipers to:

  • Never allow your fear to gain mastery over you, but drive it into the hearts of your foes.
  • Punish insubordination and disorder.
  • Hone your combat skills to perfection, whether you are a mighty general or a lone mercenary.


Bane's domains are skill and war.

Bane demands martial skill from his followers, many of whom spend hours in drills and practice battles. If they are not hefting a weapon on a battlefield, his most faithful are studying theories of warfare or playing games of strategy to hone the military mind.

Bane commands the domain of war for its aspects of conquest and strict military structures. Ordered battle plans and improvised strategies please Bane, as do masses of troops and tiny tactical units. Bane embraces every aspect of war and sees it as an end in its own right, an outlook shared by many of those devoted to him.

Player's Options[]

The following list contains character options that reflects being a follower of Bane. Such options should reflect martial and military aspects.

Paragon Paths[]

  • Crimson Arbiter (Divine Power)
  • Soldier of Conquest (Dragon 372)
  • Warhound of Bane (Martial Power)

Epic Destiny[]

  • Avatar of War (Divine Power)
Wallpaper bane 1280

Promotional wallpaper by Steve Argyle.

Forgotten Realms[]

In the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, Bane is the evil-aligned god of tyranny.[FRCG:73][FRPG:150]

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