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A barbed shield turns the tables on attackers because of the long spikes and blades attached to it. While too awkward to use as a weapon, a barbed shield provides added protection against enemies that attempt to grab you, because the spikes and barbs built into it cut into them.

It requires Shield Proficiency: Barbed Shield to use properly.

  • AC Bonus: +2
  • Check: -3
  • Weight: 18lb
  • Cost: 20gp
  • Special: Barbed - A creature takes damage equal to 2 + half your level when you escape that creature's grab or when that creature escapes your grab. (Doesn't stack with Barbed Plate.)
  • Type: Heavy Shields


  • The property doesn't mention using two barbed shields as that is not expected to be used. Even under the Snapping Testudo paragon path, the effect doesn't self stack.