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Battle Awareness
Fighter Utility 6

No villain or monster can get the drop on you![PH:80]

Daily ✦ martial

Trigger: You roll initiative and dislike the result.

Effect: You gain a +10 bonus to the initiative check.

Battle Awareness is a level 6 fighter utility power. [PH:80][Dr398:CC]

It is an average choice, although it's a good way to force yourself to the top of the initiative order once per day.

For the feat of the same name, see Battle Awareness (feat). [1]


This power was updated in the class compendium, with the change not documented.

  • The PHB version says "use this power after rolling your initiative".
  • The updated version has you roll initiative, with the benefit only allowed if you dislike the result. It can be interpreted as not being functional if you roll high on the initiative roll.