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Battle Wight Commander
Level 12 Soldier (Leader)
Medium (natural humanoid (undead))

XP 700
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HP: {{{hp}}}; Bloodied 0
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AC {{{ac}}}; Fortitude ; Reflex ; Will {{{will}}}

Alignment unaligned
Languages -
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A Battle Wight Commander is a version of the wights, and is a level 12 soldier. It is also a leader, who can provide some healing to other allies. [MM:262]

Sample encounters[]

  • 1 battle wight commander (level 12 soldier)
  • 4 battle wights (level 9 soldier)
  • 1 shadar-kai witch (level 7 controller)
  • 2 shadar-kai chainfighters (level 6 skirmisher)


This creature received two updates. It was first updated in Dungeon Magazine 191:

  • Initiative reduced from +12 to +10.
  • Perception increased from +12 to +13.
  • The non-AC defenses were reduced by 1 each.
  • Vulnerable 5 radiant changed to vulnerable 10 radiant.
  • Hit points was changed from 106
  • The soul-draining longsword was made less accurate (+18 vs. AC to +17 vs. AC). It's secondary effect was changed from immobilized and weakened (save ends both) to immobilized and weakened until the end of its next turn.
  • Soul Reaping was changed from recharge 4 to recharge 5, had the damage increased from 2d8+7 to 2d6+18
  • Intimidate reduced from +18 to +16.
  • Four ability scores were changed: Strength (24->20), Dexterity (19->15) and Constitution (22->20) and Charisma (24->20)

The next update was part of errata to Dungeon Magazine:

  • The soul-draining longsword was changed to immobilize the target until the end of the Wight's next turn. The errata didn't specify whether the change applied to Battle Wight or Battle Wight Commander.