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A berserker is a subclass of barbarian, introduced in the Heroes of the Feywild rule book.[HotF:42]

Creating a Berserker

Creating a Berserker is similar to a Barbarian, with the following differences:

Armor proficiency

A berserker also begins with light shield armor proficiency.

Class features

Berserkers don't have any of the class features of the Barbarian. Instead they have the following:

Berserker Fury

When you use a barbarian primal attack power, you enter berserker fury until the end of the encounter. Alternatively, you can use a minor action while you are bloodied to enter the fury. The fury has the following effects,

  • Your defender aura ends, if it was active, and you cannot use defender aura or vengeful guardian until the fury ends.
  • Some of your powers, such as your barbarian martial at-will attack powers, gain additional benefits, as noted in those powers.
  • Your melee basic attacks deal 1d8 extra damage. This extra damage increases to 2d8 at 11th level and 3d8 at 21st level.


Defender Aura

Berserkers with the Defender Aura class feature gain defender aura as an at-will utility power. Defender aura creates an aura 1 that penalizes unmarked enemy attack rolls against allies without a defender aura by −2.[HotF:43]


A berserker chooses one of the following terrain types and gains the corresponding benefits.[HotF:43]

Heartland terrain 1st-level benefit 4th-level benefit
Arid Desert +3 bonus to AC and +2 bonus to Reflex while wearing cloth armor or no armor and not using a shield resist 5 fire
Level 14: resist 10 fire
Level 24: resist 15 fire
Frozen Land +1 bonus to Fortitude and +1 bonus to Will resist 5 cold
Level 14: resist 10 cold
Level 24: resist 15 cold
Temperate Land +2 bonus to damage rolls with a one-handed weapon while wielding a one-handed weapon and using a shield +1 bonus to speed during a charge

Poised Defender

Berserkers with the Poised Defender class feature gain a +2 bonus to AC when their defender aura is active and they are not wearing heavy armor.[HotF:44]

Vengeful Guardian

Berserkers with the Vengeful Guardian class feature gain vengeful guardian as an at-will attack power. Vengeful guardian can be used as an opportunity action triggered by enemies within the berserker's defender aura shift or attack an ally without a defender aura.[HotF:44]