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Blade Cascade
Ranger Attack 15

Time seems to slow down as your weapons fall upon your hapless foes like rain from an ominous sky.

Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding two melee weapons.

Target: One or more creatures

Attack: Strength vs. AC. Alternate main and off-hand weapon attacks until you miss. As soon as an attack misses, this attack ends.

Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage per attack.

Blade Cascade is a daily power available to rangers at the 15th level.[PH:109]

This power is generally regarded as one of, if not the, most powerful abilities for a melee-focused Ranger, even after errata heavily limited the number of potential attacks that can be done.


This power was changed so that the power ends if the Ranger either misses or hits with 5 attacks.