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Buildings are structures that are constructed for urban use or for other reasons.

The prices listed generally refer to construction or purchase. However, it's difficult to sell these buildings in undesirable areas, such as those infested by monsters or other hazards.

Building Cost Description
Castle 250,000 gp Houses hundereds to thousands of people, between a wall and the central keep.
Castle with dungeon 1,000,000 gp As with castle, but includes excavations below the castle.
Cottage 400 gp A single-room building, consisting of the most primitive construction of wood.
Floating castle 1,250,000 gp A castle (traditionally looking like a keep) that can travel through flight.
Gatehouse 6,500 gp Reinforced walls, with a gate and porticullis, and houses five guards.
Keep 75,000 gp Stone fortification - similar to a central building in a castle.
Mansion 40,000 gp A large house built for the wealthy, suitable for a guild house or large residence.
Palace 175,000 gp Either an official residence of a head of state or dignitary, or a large and lavishly ornate residence. Designed to impress others.
Palisade fort 25,000 gp A quickly constructed fort, surrounded by long sharpened stakes as a defensive barrier. Houses 50 troops and their families.
Private island 650,000 gp A single island, including basic infrastructures such as towers, villas and observatories.
Quarters 1,000 gp A small three-room house, or component of a larger building.
Stone building 3,000 gp A sturdy building, measuring 30 feet wide, 40 feet long, and two stories, suitable for a workshop or townhouse.
Tower 10,000 gp 30 feet high, and 20 feet in diameter.
Wood building 1,500 gp A building, measuring 30 feet wide, 40 feet long, and two stories, suitable for a tavern or farmhouse. Susceptible to fire.