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Bull rush

Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude

Hit: "You push the target 1 square and then shift 1 square into the space it left."[PH:287][RC:239][HotFL:26][HotFK:26]

Bull rush is an at-will power available to all characters.

You try to push an enemy away. This tactic is useful for forcing an enemy out of a defensive position or into a dangerous one, such as in a pool of lava or over a cliff.

You can bull rush a target adjacent to you that is smaller than you, the same size category as you, or one category larger than you.

Make a Strength attack vs. Fortitude defense. Do not add any modifiers for the weapon you use. On a hit, push the target 1 square, and shift into the vacated space.

If there’s no square you can push the target into, your bull rush has no effect.