D&D4 Wiki
Abilities +2 Con, +2 Dex
Skills +2 Athletics
Size Medium
Speed 6 (swamp walk)
Vision normal
Languages Common, Primordial
Traits Rancid Air, Swamp Walk
Avg. height 5'4"–6'0"
Avg. weight 150–240 lbs.

The Bullywug is a race in 4th edtion D&D. The sole stat information as a player character race is found in Monster Manual 2, and is designed more of an NPC racial template rather than being functional for a player.[MM2:220] Unless playing a variant, or if playing against a large number of creatures that use healing surges (e.g. other player characters), the race is ranked as extremely underpowered.

Racial traits

Bullywugs have two racial traits:

Rancid Air (Poison)
  • Aura 2: Any enemy that spends a healing surge within the aura is weakened until the end of its next turn.
Swamp walk
  • Ignore difficult terrain that is either mud or shallow water.

Of instant note, the first is useless against most monsters, and the second is a limited version of what bullywug monsters have.


Minimal changes

If you desire minimal change to the bullywug:

  • Rancid Air should be modified to prevent regaining hit points or preventing the benefit of temporary hit points.
  • Bullywugs should receive the aquatic keyword with a swim speed of 4 (or ground speed -2), to match the monster's version.
  • Ability score should be +2 Constitution, with the secondary stat being flexible. The +2 dex is uncertain whether it should be augmented with choices for +2 strength or +2 wisdom.
  • Secondary skill can either be +2 nature, +2 acrobatics, or +2 endurance, depending on flavor.

World of Azolin

The world of azolin makes a few changes, which focus on making a bullywug a martial beastlike creature. [Race: Bullywug 4E]

  • Ability scores are +2 Constitution, and +2 to either Strength or Dexterity.
  • Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance
  • Bullywugs are considered aquatic creatures.
  • Racial trait Frog Legs: When making an Athletics check to jump or swim, may roll twice and use either result. While jumping, the bullywug is considered to have a running start.
  • May choose Rancid Air or Forceful kick.
Rancid Air
  • Bullywug racial encounter attack power. Keywords; Poison. Minor action, close burst 1. Target: All creatures in Burst. Attack: Dex+2 or Con+2 vs. fortitude. Increase bonus to +4 at 11th level, and +6 at 21st level. Hit: Target is weakened until end of its next turn. Special: Choice of Con or Dex is made when creating the character, and remains throughout the character's life.
Forceful kick
  • Bullywug Racial encounter attack power. No keywords.
  • Minor action, melee 1.
  • Target: One creature. Attack: Strength +2 or Constitution +2 vs. Reflex. Increase to +4 at level 11, and +6 at level 21.
  • Hit: 1d8 + Strength modifier damage; and you an make a jump check as a free action, drawing no opportunity attack from the target.
  • The frog legs racial trait is could be cleaned up by giving the bullywug a swim speed of 4, and simply making it only to have a running start for jump checks.
  • Forceful kick should probably be a standard action.

DMing With Charisma

An analysis of the Bullywug, and changed towards affiliation with primordials. [Underpowered: Bullywug (4E)]

  • Ability scores: +2 Dexterity; +2 Constitution or +2 Wisdom
  • Skill bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Nature
  • Racial trait Deicidal: +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against immortal creatures
  • Racial trait Mutable Physiology: After spending a healing surge or completing a short or extended rest, roll a d10 to determine a damage type. Gain resist 5 to that damage type until you spend another healing surge. Increase to 10 at 11th level, and 15 at 21st level. (1=acid, 2=cold, 3=fire, 4=force, 5=lightning, 6=necrotic, 7=poison, 8=psychic, 9=radiant, 10=thunder)
  • Primordial origin: Ancestors were native to the Elemental Chaos, and bullywugs are considered an elemental creature for effects relating to creature origin.
  • Nature’s Revenge: The bullywug as the nature's revenge power.
Nature’s Revenge
  • Encounter power. Immediate Reaction. Close burst 20.
  • Trigger: An enemy scored a critical hit against you.
  • Target: Triggering creature.
  • Effect: The target is weakened until the end of your next turn.
  • Variant seems balanced, although Rancid air could probably be skipped.