Channel Divinity is the name of a class feature shared by four divine classes. The class feature allows use of channel divinity keyword powers.

Despite Channel Divinity being unique to each class, it also provides a set of powers shared among the classes, through a feat with the Divinity keyword. These feats have prerequisites based on the deity and their selected domain.

Feat Requirement
Armor of Bahamut [PH] Must worship Bahamut
Avandra's Rescue [PH:194] Must worship Avandra
Corellon's Grace [PH] Must worship Corellon
Favor of Tymora [Dr365:24] Must worship Tymora
Harmony of Erathis [PH] Must worship Erathis
Ioun's Poise [PH] Must worship Ioun
Kord's Favor [PH] Must worship Kord
Melora's Tide [PH] Must worship Melora
Moradin's Resolve [PH] Must worship Moradin
Pelor's Radiance [PH] Must worship Pelor
Raven Queen's Blessing [PH] Must worship Raven Queen
Sehanine's Reversal [PH] Must worship Sehanine
Vecna's Final Command [Dr395] Must worship Vecna

The following feats and powers are also covered under Channel Divinity, but don't require the associated class feature (and therefore may be obtained by a runepriest):

Feat Requirement
Pervasive Gloom Shadar-kai, any divine class, must worship Raven Queen
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