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Chosen is an epic destiny available to characters in a divine class. It was printed in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and republished in Divine Power[FRPG:72][DP:152]

This epic destiny has three features shared with all those being chosen, with the daily power at level 26 varying based on the selected deity.

Of note, choosing this epic destiny is likely to bring interest of a rival deity who is willing to send their chosen after the adventurer.


  • Divine Spark (21st level): Increase two ability scores of your choice by 2.
  • Divine Recovery (24th level): The first time you are reduced to 0 hit points or fewer each day, you regain hit points equal to half your maximum hit points.
  • Divine Miracle (30th level): The first time you expend your last remaining encounter attack power during an encounter, you regain the use of one encounter attack power of your choice.


The daily power at level 26 varies based on the deity you chose. Only the unaligned, good or lawful good deities have powers assigned.

Forgotten Realms
  • Amaunator: Renewing Dawn
  • Chauntea: Horn of Life
  • Corellon: High Arcana
  • Kelemvor: True Death
  • Moradin: Forge of Creation
  • Oghma: Supreme Knowledge
  • Selune: Waxing Fortune
  • Silvanus: Divine Regeneration
  • Sune: Sune's Censure
  • Tempus: Tempus's Glare
  • Torm: Battle Judgement
Divine Power


  • Divine Power (but not the installment in FRPG) received errata to prevent Divine Miracle from performing recursive attacks. Originally, you regained the use of one encounter power of your choice when you expend your last remaining encounter power, and had no limit.
  • Renewing Dawn: Errata added "before the end of your next turn" after the the phrase where you or an ally spends a healing surge.
  • High Arcana changed from the FRPG printing to Divine Power. In FRPG, the power gives a choice of a +2 power bonus to attack rolls or a +2 power bonus to defenses against arcane attacks, and is limited to one turn. In Divine Power, each target can choose the benefit at the start of their turn, either a +2 power bonus to implement attack rolls or a +4 bonus to non-AC defenses.attacks, while the latter gives a +4 bonus to non-AC defenses.