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Clear the Path
Exploration 6

You cause the rocks and debris before you to shudder and come to life, scattering out and away from your approach.

Time: 30 minutes
Duration: Permanent
Component Cost: 70 gp
Market Price: 150 gp
Key Skill: Nature (no check)

Clear the Path is a 6th-level ritual.[FRPG:142]

You target an area burst 3 within 10 squares. Debris, rubble, and other detritus flattens to the ground, shifts out of the way, or otherwise ceases to be an obstacle. This ritual does not affect solid earth or rock; thus, it can be used to clear the wreckage of a collapsed tunnel, but not to create such a passage where one did not already exist. Its most common use is to flatten or smooth a path so as to eliminate difficult terrain. It does not affect manufactured walls, floors, or ceilings, traps, or magical barriers.