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Cloaked snipers are a paragon path of rogues who specialize in making highly accurate, long-ranged strikes.[MP:88]

"You tell me — is it better to win with a shot from the dark or to lose up close?"[MP:88]

Prized by kings and kingpins alike, cloaked snipers are adept at slaying their enemies with little risk of retaliation. Through stealth and deadly accuracy, cloaked snipers, wielding their favored crossbows, are sometimes as valuable as a company of lesser archers.[MP:88]

Though they have a long tradition of excellence amongst dwarves, cloaked snipers belong to no one culture or organization, instead coming from all backgrounds. A cloaked sniper is as likely to serve a general as he is a pirate. What unites cloaked snipers is not a shared allegiance or philosophy, but a skill set they all share. Experts at dealing damage from afar, cloaked snipers prefer to fire from a hidden location, safe from reprisal. Cloaked snipers are not completely adverse to close ranged combat, however, and are experts at laying ambushes as well as at putting good reconnaissance to use.[MP:88]


Cloaked snipers, much like sharpshooters, prefer the expert use of little ammo to peppering their enemies. Early on, cloaked snipers learn to extend the effective range of their weaponry, striking from distances that seem unfathomable to lesser warriors. Cloaked snipers also learn to make the most of each bolt, when they have the advantage over their foe, striking vital spots and then moving out of retribution's way. But because a cloaked sniper cannot rely on always having a comfortable distance between themselves and their target, more experienced adherents to the path also gain training in using a light melee weapon in concert with their crossbow, giving them an effective defense against foes that approach too close.[MP:88]

The exploits of a cloaked sniper are focused universally on giving them an additional edge in ranged combat. Unseen shot, learned early on, allows cloaked snipers to remain undetected even after firing a shot. The more advanced bolt from nowhere also makes use of cloaked sniper's unique mesh of stealth and ranged expertise, using the two to sow terror and chaos amongst the targets of the sniper's attacks.[MP:88]