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Creation 18
Time: 1 hour
Duration: 2d4 months
Component Cost: 10,000 gp, plus focus worth 5,000 gp
Market Price: 17,000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Clone is an 18th-level ritual introduced in The Last Slave Lord under the 4th edition conversion notes.

You grow a duplicate body of a living creature inside a specially prepared crystal vessel filled with an alchemical solution.

Before you can perform this ritual, you must acquire the focus, a hollow crystal vessel large enough to hold the creature to duplicate. You must then spend 1 hour mixing the alchemical reagents (or residuum) with seawater, which you pour into the vessel. Finally, you must secure a pound of flesh from the creature to duplicate and place it in the vessel as well. This grisly harvest bloodies the creature and costs all its healing surges.

The ritual’s performance takes 1 hour. After you complete the performance, the bit of flesh begins to grow. After 2d4 months, the flesh finishes growing into a perfect copy of the original creature. The clone remains in a state of suspended animation until the original creature dies or until the clone is removed from the vessel.

When the original creature dies, if its soul is free and willing, the soul immediately enters the clone’s body. The clone awakens with maximum hit points and healing surges, as if it had just completed an extended rest. For all intents and purposes, the clone becomes the creature that died.

If the clone is removed from the vessel before the original creature dies, it awakens with all of the memories and experiences of the original creature, and it has statistics identical to the original. The magic that gives the clone its life warps its perspective, and it becomes a creature under the DM’s control that hates and wishes to destroy the original creature.