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Close quarters
rogue utility 10

Daily ✦ martial

Prerequisite: Acrobatics trained

Special: "Allies of the target creature can attack you without penalty."

Effect: "Move into the space of an adjacent creature larger than you and at least Large in size. (It gets its usual opportunity attack against you as you leave an adjacent square.) You gain combat advantage against the creature, and it takes a −4 penalty to attack rolls against you. When the creature moves, you move along with it, staying in the same portion of the creature's space. The creature can make a Strength or Dexterity vs. Reflex attack (as a standard action with no penalty) to slide you 1 square into an adjacent square and end this effect."[PH:122][U :12/2009]

Close quarters is a daily power available to rogues at 10th level.

The slide a target can cause to end close quarters's effect was limited to 1 square by the December 2009 rules update, to clarify that the target cannot slide this power's user an unlimited distance in any direction and back.