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Codes of Infinite Planes
Epic Level
Wondrous Item
Power(Daily, Standard action):
Effect: Choose a location on any plane, even a location that you have never visited or seen. You and each willing ally within 5 squares of the codex is transported to that location. You could choose "a king's treasure room," and you would appear in a king's treasure room somewhere. You could choose "a safe place," and you would appear somewhere safe, although it might be surrounded by dangers.

When you choose the location, make an Arcana check against a hard DC of your level. If the check succeeds, the transport occurs without incident. If the check fails, the transport occurs, but disaster follows you. The disaster could be anything: an earthquake, a disease, demons appearing with you when you arrive, years of winter, or worse.

Nothing can stop the transport, short of the will of a deity or a primordial, and even that might be surmounted by sufficient arcane skill (at the DM's option).
Power(Psychic, Daily, Standard Action):
Effect: Make a Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom ranged attack against the Will of a target from another plane. On a hit, the target is sent back to its home plane and cannot return to the plane you are in for 100 years or until the codex's other power is used. On a miss, you and the target take 6d10 psychic damage, and you are stunned until the end of your next turn.

The Codex of Infinite Planes is an epic-level artifact. [MME:106] Unlike other artifacts, the codex does not have an explicit concordance, or means to move on - a property shared by two other artifacts in the same book.