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"A storm of bitterly cold hailstones pummels a wide swath of ground and covers the area in ice." (Player's Handbook, pg. 168, Wizard Daily Spell Greater Ice Storm)


Cold is a damage type keyword describing damage relating to ice crystals, arctic air, or frigid liquid.

Often accompanied by status effects:

Characters who meet the prerequisites can take the Burning Blizzard heroic tier feat to increase damage on powers with the cold keyword, as well as the acid keyword. Character can take the Wintertouched heroic tier feat to gain combat advantage with cold attacks against cold vulnerable targets. Characters can also take the Lasting Frost paragon tier feat to give targets hit by their cold powers vulnerability to cold for a turn.

Cold keyword attacks are an essential part of the frostcheese strategy, in which the Lasting Frost and Wintertouched feats interact to cause targets hit by cold attacks to grant combat advantage and become vulnerable to cold.

Related Powers[]

The following powers deal (or could deal) pure Cold-typed damage. Please note this list is incomplete.