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Consult Oracle
Divination 16

A ghostly, shrouded figure with glowing eyes appears before you, offering brief, cryptic answers to your questions.

Time: 1 hour
Duration: 10 minutes
Component Cost: 3,600 gp
Market Price: 9,000 gp
Key Skill: Religion

Consult Oracle is a 16th-level ritual.[PH:302]

You coax forth an oracular spirit from the space between the planes. Oracles have no tangible presence and no agendas; they exist only to observe events. This makes them unparalleled sources of information because they have the potential to have seen and heard everything, even information otherwise known to only one creature.

Make a Religion check to determine how many questions you can ask an oracle before it vanishes.

Religion Check Result Number of Questions
9 or lower One
10–19 Two
20–29 Three
30–39 Four
40 or higher Five

Each question is answered immediately, so you know the answer to one question before asking the next. You must phrase your question so that the oracle can answer it with a single word or a brief phrase. For the oracle to know the answer to a question, the answer must be known to at least one creature, even if that creature is no longer alive. The oracle has no foreknowledge and only a limited ability to judge what it sees. The oracle can tell you the order in which to activate the glyphs in front of the Gate of the Black Drake, but it can’t answer the question “Will we do well if we venture through the gate?”

Ten minutes after you finish performing the ritual, the oracle leaves, even if you have unasked questions remaining.