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Cure Disease
Restoration 6

Even the most horrid affliction disappears in response to your healing touch.

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: instantaneous
Component Cost: 150 gp
Market Price: 360 gp
Key Skill: Heal

Cure Disease is a 6th-level ritual.[PH:303]

The Cure Disease ritual wipes away a single disease afflicting the subject, whether the disease is active or still incubating. The subject is completely cured and loses any negative side effects and symptoms of the disease.This ritual is physically taxing to the recipient; if used on an injured character, it can even kill him or her.

If you know that your subject is suffering from multiple diseases, you must choose which one this ritual will cure. Otherwise, the ritual affects whichever single disease you knew about.

Heal Check[]

Upon completing this ritual, make a Heal check, using the level of the disease as a penalty to this check. The result indicates the amount of damage the character takes. Assuming the character survives, this damage can be healed normally.

You learn the disease level when you begin the ritual, and at that point you can choose not to continue, without expending any components.

 Effect on Target
1–9Damage equal to the target’s maximum hit points
10–19Damage equal to one-half of the target’s maximum hit points
20–29Damage equal to one-quarter of the target’s maximum hit points
30+No damage