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The Destined Scion is an epic destiny, found in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms', and is the default epic destiny for classes found within that book. [HotFK:237]

Level 21: Epic Heroism

  • You increase two ability scores by 2.

Level 24: Epic Combatant

  • You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a +2 bonus to saving throws.

Level 26: Epic Recovery

Epic Recovery
Destined Scion Utility 26

Daily ✦ Keywords: healing

No action

Range: personal

Trigger: You start your turn at 0 hit points or fewer.

Effect: You regain hit points equal to twice your healing surge value. You can then stand as a free action.

Level 30: Undeniable Victory

Epic Recovery
Undeniable Victory Utility 26

Trigger: You miss a target with an attack.

Effect: The attack instead hits the target.