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Dilettante is a half-elf racial trait introduced in the first Player's Handbook.[PH:42]

At 1st-level, the half-elf chooses a 1st-level at-will attack power from a class different from the initial class, and can use that power as an encounter power.

Character optimization is generally split between selecting this trait for racial flexibility, and Knack for success for the added benefits. In general, this trait is chosen if another class has a useful at-will, and knack for success is chosen if the class's at-will selections tended to be useful.


The following feats can augment the Dilettante class feature:

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Adept Dilettante Multiclass Can use Constitution, Wisdom or Charisma modifier to determine attack roll and damage roll bonuses for the Dilettante power. Counts as class-specific Multiclass feat for the class from which your Dilettante racial trait power comes. [Dr385:68]
Combat Virtuoso Bard Uses Charisma ability score to make attack roll for Dilettante or multiclassed powers. Damage determined normally. [AP:124]
Defending Dabbler - When you hit with the power gained from your dilettante racial trait, you mark the target until the end of your next turn. [Dr385:68]
Dilettante's Mark Warden When you hit with the dilettante power, mark the enemy until the end of your next turn. (Duplicate of Defending Dabbler)[Dr379:45]
Effortless Dilettante Melee attack power from Dilettante Once per encounter, can use dilettante power as a melee basic attack against a target as part of a charge or opportunity attack.[Dr385:68]
Half-Elf Soul Revenant Gain Dilettante racial feature. In a given encounter, can use power chose for Dilettante, or the Dark Reaping power.[Dr376:40]
Holy Dilettante Divine class Once per encounter, when using dilettante power, can deal radiant damage with that power instead of the normal damage type.[Dr385:68]
Martial Dilettante Martial class If the dilettante power is a martial power, it can be used twice per encounter.[MP2:137]
Religious Dabbler divine class Choose a 1st-level at-will attack power from a divine class other than your own. Can use that power in place of the power normally gained through Dilettante.[DP:136]
Revitalizing Dabbler - When you hit at least one target with the dilettante power, until the end of your next turn, any creature that regains hit points from one of your healing powers regains 3 extra hit points.[Dr385:69]
Spare Infusion Artificer, Healing Infusion class feature Once per day, cab expend half-elf dilettante power as free action to use a healing infusion one extra time during the encounter. [Dr387:35]
Velvet Blade Trick Assassin, Assassin's shroud power Once per encounter, when using the power granted by dilettante, subject the target of your assassin's shroud power to another shroud. [Dr379:27]
Versatile Master 11th level Selected dilettante power becomes at-will. In addition, a paragon multiclass can choose powers from any class. Can spend an action point to regain use of a used encounter attack power.[PH2:193]
Wild Dilettante Druid, dilettante implement power You can treat the power selected for Dilettante racial trait as though it has the beast form keyword.[Dr385:69]


  • The August 2009 update changed the benefit from any at-will power to a 1st-level at-will attack power.[U]