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Satyr of the Night
Level 25 Summoned creature
Large (fey magical beast)

XP n/a
Initiative: as summoner
Senses: n/a
HP: binder's bloodied value; Bloodied -
Speed: 10
Defenses: Binder's defenses +2, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties

Displacement (illusion)
When a melee or ranged attack hits the displacer beast, roll a d20. On a 10 or higher, the attack misses instead. On a 9 or lower, the displacer beast loses this trait until the start of your next turn.
Standard action ✦ At-will
Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); your level +5 vs. Reflex. Hit: 3d8 + your charisma modifier damage, and the displacer beast slides the target up to 3 squares.
Minor Action ✦ At-will (1/round)
Effect: The displacer beast shifts up to half its speed
Minor Action ✦ At-will (1/round)
Effect: The satyr either walks, shifts,runs, stands up, squeezes of crawls
Immediate Interrupt ✦ At-will
Trigger: An enemy within 2 squares of the displacer beast makes an attack against you.
Effect: The displacer beast uses its standard action attack against the triggering enemy.
Alignment -
Languages -
Str - (+17) Dex - (+17) Wis - (+17)
Con - (+17) Int - (+17) Cha - (+17)

The displacer beast is a creature summoned by a 25th-level fey pact binder using the power Summon warlock's ally. [Dr406]

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