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A Docent is a small platinum or mithral sphere studded with gems (or in Eberron, dragonshards). [Dr364:35]

The docent is specific to Warforged, and has no apparent powers until placed in the neck slot as a component. In general, it has the powers of another neck slot item, but is considered one level higher than a similar item that isn't a docent.

In addition to regular powers of a neck-slot item, it has the following properties:

  • It can communicate telepatically with the bearer, and can be allowed to speak using the warforged's voice.
  • It uses telepathy to advise the warforged. The advice depends on the alignment.
  • A heroic tier docent is trained in one skill keyed to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. A paragon tier docent has two skills, and an epic tier docent has three. With any skill it knows, a docent makes checks using one-half its item level +8.
  • It understands common and one other language (exluding secret languages). While attached, it can interpret any language it understands.
  • Docents have an alignment, personality quirks, extra powers and any other traits pertaining to intelligent items or customizes items (per rules in Adventurer's Vault.