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Dowsing Rod
Divination 1

You find a gnarled branch, and it turns as you hold it, pointing the way to a natural feature.

Time: 1 minute
Duration: 12 hours or until discharged
Component Cost: 10 gp
Market Price: 50 gp
Key Skill: Nature (no check)

This article is about the ritual. For the item used to help forage, see Dowsing rod.

Dowsing Rod is a 1st-level ritual.[PrP:157]

You transform a stick or other natural object into a dowsing rod. When you do so, name a natural feature of the environment, such as mountains, rivers, forests, or caves. The dowsing rod points the way to the nearest place that fits the description. You can't name a specific place, such as Mount Baneflame, and the rod can't find magically concealed locations. When you reach the destination, the ritual is discharged.