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The Dragon Magazine Annual is a 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules supplement published in September 2009.

The book is a compilation of articles from Dragon magazine from June 2008 through March 2009.


Title Author Illustrators First publication
"Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Yeenoghu" Robert J. Schwalb Jason A. Engle and Brian Hagan June 2008[Dr364:5]
"Creature Incarnations: Kobolds" Mike Mearls Jim Nelson June 2008[Dr364:55]
"The Ashen Covenant" Ari Marmell Dave Alison June 2008[Dr364:36]
"Mithrendain, Citadel of the Feywild" Rodney Thompson Rob Alexander and Anne Stokes August 2008[Dr366:5]
"Wish Upon a Star" Bruce R. Cordell Rob Alexander, Chris Seaman and John Stanko August 2008[Dr366:17]
"The Bloodghost Syndicate" Mike Mearls Stephen Crowe and Robert Lee (cartography) August 2008[Dr366:63]
"Intelligent Items: Smart Swords" Logan Bonner Wayne England, Jason A. Engle and David Griffith September 2008[Dr367:22]
"Fight!" Robert J. Schwalb Gonzalo Flores and Robert Lee (cartography) October 2008[Dr368:42]
"We Who Are About to Die... D&D Gladiators" Robert J. Schwalb William O'Connor and Eric Williams October 2008[Dr368:56]
"The Longest Night" Chris Sims William O'Connor December 2008[Dr370:53]
"Playing Dhampyr" Brian R. James Ryan Barger, Eric Deschamps and Chris Seaman January 2009[Dr371:32]
"Masters of the Planes" Robert J. Schwalb William O'Connor February 2009[Dr372:37]
"Playing Shadar-Kai" Chris Sims Steve Prescott, Chris Seaman and John Stanko February 2009[Dr372:5]
"Art of the Kill" Robert J. Schwalb Jason A. Engle and John Tyler Christopher March 2009[Dr373:5]

Other credits

Steve Argyle's page 1 illustration for Dragon issue #368 was used for the front cover of Dragon Magazine Annual.

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