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Drow Fighting style is a feat available to Drow with a Dexterity of 15 or higher.

When holding a light blade in one hand and a hand crossbow in the other, attacks with the hand crossbow do not provoke opportunity attacks.[Dr367:38]


  • As written when introduced, the feat technically permits equipping a hand crossbow and a light shield, and holding a light blade in the light shield hand to obtain the bonus. Note that this is trivially fixed requiring you to equip the weapons instead of just holding them.
  • Also of note is that you can hold shuriken as the light blade, even if you aren't proficient with it, to obtain the bonus. This may be likewise fixed by requiring use of a melee weapon light blade, although proficiency doesn't require any special handling.

The simplest method to fix the bugs is to have the feat read "While wielding a light blade as a melee weapon, attacks with a hand crossbow in the other hand do not provoke opportunity attacks."