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Abilities +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom
Skills +2 Dungeoneering
Size Medium
Speed 6
Vision Darkvision
Languages Common, Deep Speech, Dwarven
Traits Infernal quills
Avg. height 4'2 - 4'8
Avg. weight 160-220 lb.

Duergar are a distant kin of dwarves. They were once a great clan of dwarves that delved into the Underdark, endured years of slavery under mind flayers, and fought their way to freedom. They believe that Moradin abandoned them during enslavement and have instead turned to worship of the devils. [MM2:92-95]

As a player character race, they are only partially developed with the introduction in Monster Manual 2.[MM2:220]

Racial Traits

Infernal Quills
You can use infernal quills as an encounter power. It is a short ranged encounter attack power against a single target, reducing the target's accuracy and causing minor poison.

See also

  • Dungeon Magazine 187, Creature Incarnations: Duergar, which includes variations for the infernal quills for enemy Duergar (based on role)