The Dusk Elf is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It is an elf subrace represented by taking the Dusk Elf Stealth feat, but are otherwise mechanically identical to normal elves. [Dr382:68]

Dusk elves are the descendants of a grand and lost civilization, one that arguably precedes any other. They are one of the three original elf subraces, (the other two being the drow and the wild elves) and from them came vast magical marvels and works of freedom and goodness. They invented some of the oldest spells, and they were the first to form the traditions of the bards. However, eventually the dusk elves greed for magical might overwhelmed them. Their wizards made dark pacts with demon lords and formed the first warlocks, gaining even more arcane power. What happened afterward is unclear, but one thing is certain. The dusk elves destroyed themselves and their nation, and the last remaining dusk elves sought refuge with their few remaining elven allies. thus the descendants of the dusk elves survive to this day, in a shattered and ruined form.

Dusk Elf feats

Dusk Elf Paragon paths

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