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Enchant Magic Item
Creation 4
Time: 1 hour
Duration: permanent
Component Cost: special
Market Price: 175 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

Enchant Magic Item is a ritual that allows characters to create magic items. [PH:304]

You touch a normal item and turn it into a magic item of your level or lower. The ritual's component cost is equal to the price of the magic item you create.

Alternatively, you can use the ritual to upgrade a common, uncommon, or rare item to a more powerful version of the item that is 5 levels higher. The new version must be your level or lower, and the component cost equals the difference in gold piece value between the old version and the new.

You can also use this ritual to resize magic armor (for example, shrink a fire giant’s magic armor to fit a halfling). There is no component cost for this use.

See also[]

  • Creation Mastery, a feat that allows creating items as if you were two levels higher.


  • The second essentials update allows the ritual to upgrade a magic item to a higher level.[U :E2]
  • The ritual can imbue a generic magic item into a magic item with a special property (e.g. convert a +1 longsword worth 360gp to a +1 flaming longsword worth 1000gp, paying a component cost of 640gp.) [AV:198] However, this example was made before the introduction of magic item rarity rules.
    • An update made it so that this is incorrect. The update is shown below:
      Update - Enchant Magic Item
  • Rarity rules were introduced, which restrict characters from creating or purchasing uncommon or rare magic items. However, this is only a soft restriction, as those items are not normally created rather than being outright prohibited - it is still possible for those items to be constructed regardless of actual rarity. [MME:5][RC:277]