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An epic destiny can be chosen at level 21 and defines your character's lasting impact on the world, like the ending of its story. Epic destines are much like paragon paths in that each grants powerful new abilities gated behind defined prerequisites. Some epic destinies require only that your character to has reached 21st level, many some have more specific requirements related to class, role, power source, background or origin, religion, alignment, skill or feat training, ability scores or any combination of these.

Compared to a class or paragon path, an epic destiny grants few benefits, but those it bestows are exceptional. Certain laws of the universe work differently for you—and some don’t apply at all. Your race, class, path, and other character elements might define what you can do, but your epic destiny defines your place in the universe.

Each epic destiny defines your lasting impact on the world or even the universe: how people forever afterward remember and talk about you. Some people achieve lasting fame or notoriety without achieving an epic destiny, but that’s a fleeting thing. Inevitably, those people are forgotten, lost in the murky depths of history. Your epic destiny ensures that your name and exploits live on forever.[PH:172]

Epic Destinies[]






  • Cosmic Soul (any psionic class)[PsP:145]
  • Demiurge (any psionic class)[PsP:146]
  • Diamond Soul (monk)[PH3:156]
  • Eighth Seal (any psionic class)[PsP:147]
  • Godmind (any psionic class)[PH3:157]
  • Grandmaster of Flowers (monk)[PsP:148]
  • Invincible Mind (battlemind)[PH3:158]
  • Master of Moments (any psionic class)[PsP:149]
  • Mind Lord of the Order (any psionic class that uses power points)[DSCS:101]
  • Topaz Crusader (any psionic class, Psionic Augmentation class feature)[PsP:150]
  • War Master (ardent)[PH3:161]


  • Perfect Slayer (assassin)[Dr379:38]



Forgotten Realms[]


  • Champion of Prophecy[EPG:80]
  • Dispossessed Champion[EPG:81]
  • Heir of Siberys[Dr388:24]
  • Mourning Savior[EPG:82]
  • Reborn Champion[Dr365:70] (possibly Eberron campaign specific)

Dark Sun[]