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The escape action is a move action that allows a character to end the grabbed condition. Some other immobilizing effects also allow escape.

If the immobilizing effect specifies a DC, the escaping creature either makes an Acrobatics check against that DC, or makes an Athletics check against that DC.

If the immobilizing effect does not specify a DC, the escaping creature either makes an Acrobatics check against the immobilizing creature or effect's Reflex, or makes an Athletics check against the immobilizing creature or effect's Fortitude.

If a creature is grabbed by multiple creatures or effects, the creature makes a single escape check. The check is opposed by the highest DC of those effects, plus 2 for each additional effect, to a maximum of plus 8.

If the escaping creature's check succeeds, the immobilizing effects on the creature end. The creature can then shift 1 square.[PH:288][RC:243]

See also[]

  • Constrictor's Grasp (Druid with wild shape): +2 feat bonus to skill checks made for the escape action. Enemies that fail an escape attempt take damge equal to druid's level.
  • Crushing Pin (Fighter, 11th level, Brawler style): Enemies failing to escape a grab take damage equal to dexterity modifier.
  • Disciple of Freedom (Charisma 13): +5 feat bonus to checks made under the escape action. Can also make a free saving throw at the start of the turn against immobilized, slowed or restratined condition.
  • Escape Artist (Trained in acrobatics): Can escape as a minor action, and also get a +2 feat bonus to acrobatics.
  • Master of Escape (Escaped slave character theme): +4 feat bonus to escape from grab or restraintes, as well as +4 feat bonus to Thievery checks to open locks and slight of hands.
  • Inescapable Hold (Fighter, brawler style): An enemy escaping the grab must target fortitude even if it uses acrobatics.
  • Path of Freedom (Channel divinity, freedom domain): Allies in close burst 5 may make an escape attempt against a grab as a free action.
  • Shapeshifting Contortionist (Changeling): Can escape as a minor action instead of a move action.
  • True Freedom (Monk, 21st level): Can attempt an escape as an immediate reaction.
  • Zombie Veteran (Str 15): +2 bonus ot athletics checks to escape grab, and extra bonuses for specific powers against undead.