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“You stand in the path of those who would rend the defenseless world. That world is safe behind your ever-vigilant shield."[MP:153]

Prerequisite: 21st level, fighter

Everlasting Bulwark: You have laid low your final and greatest adversary. During the fight you, as always, formed the steady center around which your allies could operate, taking the brunt of the punishment without bending or complaining. Ever more will you be the supreme standard for those on the front line of any battle. The world always needs someone of your strength and stature at the ready to come to its defense. Those wishing to take up sword or hammer to defend others refer to you as if you were a saint. Although your name might be spoken as a universally recognized synonym for the ultimate guardian, you’re not ready to just lay down your shield and axe. Perhaps, then, you take a place in divine dominions, next to or in service to a godly stalwart such as Moradin. Building a post somewhere in the cosmos, you might take it upon yourself to stand vigil over a primordial threat or against the machinations of evil deities. If something stirs or threatens, you herald the coming danger and stand the first to face it. Perhaps instead some power helps you eternally watch over a chosen people, infusing your watchful spirit into the land. Or you might make a pact to pass away but instill your defender’s heart into your folk, awakening a new profusion of heroes.

Unending Strength (21st level): Increase your Strength score by 2. Your normal load, heavy load, and maximum drag load are twice their normal values (Strength × 20, Strength × 40, and Strength × 100 pounds, respectively). Once per day, you gain a +10 bonus to a Strength ability check or a Strength-based skill check of your choice.

Godlike Stature (24th level): Your size doesn’t change, but your height and weight increase to 25 percent and 100 percent above the normal range for your race, respectively. You can wield weapons as if you were one size larger, and if you are normally Medium or larger, your melee reach increases by 1 square.

Great Power (30th level): Once per day, you can treat any successful melee attack roll you just made as if it were a natural 20, or you can treat any unsuccessful melee attack roll you just made as if it were a hit.

 Implacable Destruction Eternal Defender Utility 26
You take on a defiant aspect that makes it impossible for your enemies to avoid your attacks completely.
 Daily + Martial, Stance
 Minor Action  Personal
 Effect: Until the stance ends, every time you miss with a melee or a close weapon attack, you deal damage to the target equal to your Strength modifier.