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Eye on Dark Sun was a regular Dragon and Dungeon Magazine article series written by Rodney Thompson.


Issue Title Description
Dungeon 179
June 2010
Sunwarped Flats Includes a sunwarped magic zone (single use terrain)
Dungeon 180
July 2010
The Dragon's Altar A location used to offer tributes to a dragon. Also contains a weapon to augment arcane defiling and a few legendary boons.
Dungeon 181
August 2010
Mar Juk-Adan, Dune Trader An old dune trader with strong connections to get wheatever goods are needed.
Dragon 182
September 2010
The broken Builders An doomsday elemental-worshipping cult. They want Athas destroyed in order for it to be recreated as intended.
Dungeon 184
November 2010
Silt Elementals New dark sun creature.
Dungeon 186
Janurary 2011
Eldaarich Description of a city closed for 700 years. Still active, but almost forgotten.
Dungeon 187
February 2011
The Heartwood Spear Anti-defiler artifact, based on teh Prism Pentad novels.
Dungeon 188
March 2011
The Mahin'drazal A seemingly simple rest station is controlled by Zindriel, who captures those who rest at her safehouse.
Dungeon 189
April 2011
The Accursed Legion An attempted rebellion was crushed by a sorcerer-king, and forced to roam the desert without civilization or shelter.
Dungeon 190
May 2011
Kalidnay The city of Kalidnay was pulled to the Gray in an attempt of a sorcerer-king to become a dragon.
Dungeon 191
June 2011
The Six-Fingered Sign An ancient curse from a preserver to purge what it touches through vengeance.
Dungeon 192
July 2011
The Eye of Abalach-Re Sorcerer queen of Raam enchanted the titled jewel in an attempt to destroy a dragon. Artifact is not statted, and the article serves only as a plot hook.
Dungeon 193
August 2011
The Ravenous Description of The Ravenous, humanoids who were defiled by their own arcane magic and debased.
Dungeon 194
September 2011
House of the Mind Psionic power in the city of Draj, through House of the Mind. Includes alternative rewards Mind of Two Moons, and Chosen of Tectuktitlay.
Dungeon 195
October 2011
Terrors of the Silt Sea Some monsters that occupy the Slit Sea - Azraloka and Oasis Beast
Dungeon 196
November 2011
The Nine Swords of Tyr A single powerful weapon broken down into nine different parts, as a way to smuggle a weapon to destroy a sorcerer-king.
Dragon 406
December 2011
Ur Draxa An ancient city that was formerly a paradise now ruled by a dragon and dead lords.
Dragon 408
February 2012
Faded Power Remnants of ancient divine temples on Athas. Contains divine boons Echoes of Providence, Embers of Divinity, Flickers of Faith and Last Breath of the Gods
Dragon 409
March 2012
The Black Blade of Raam Description of an assassin lurking in the city of Raam, who's sole purpose is to create chaos.
Dragon 410
April 2012
Vaults of the Father and Master Tectuktitlay, sorcerer-king of Draj, has traps within his own vault. Describes three possible traps.
Dragon 411
May 2012
Tsochar Introduced in Book of Vile Darkness, incudes
Dragon 412
June 2012
The Ivory Dungeon City state of Balic. Description of a well-contructed and beautiful dungeon under a tyrranous sorcerer-king.
Dragon 413
July 2012
The Crown of Whispers Sorcerer king of Eldaarich in the distant north uses an artifact, Crown of Whispers
Dragon 414
August 2012
Slaves of the Oba City of Gulg - residents were convinced that primal magic is evil. The ruler than enslaves the primal spirits rather than destroying them.
Dragon 415
September 2012
The Ghost Caravan Mercenary smugglers who travel dangerous desert routes out of expediency, and use arcane illusion magic to have them appear as ghosts.
Dragon 416
October 2012
The Withering Ones Creature description - Withering One
Dragon 418
December 2012
The Widow's Spirit One templar-wives of Nibenay was tortured and executed for a plot to assassinte the Shadow King but her spirit lingers with strong psionic energy.