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Eye on Eberron is a series of Dragon and Dungeon magazine articles about the world of Eberron.

Issue Title Summary
Dungeon 191
June 2011
The City of Zarash'ak A city found within the Shadow Marshes.
Dungeon 192
July 2011
Kyrzin, The Prince of Slime Shadow marsh plot, and epic-tier threat.
Dungeon 193
August 2011
Lost: The shapeshfitng village A village of doppelgangers that moves about and is able to avoid detection.
Dungeon 194
September 2011
Daask Honest monsters in cities leading to dishonest cousins (part of a Daask syncidate).
Dungeon 195
October 2011
Fort Bones An undead fort east of Karrnath.
Dungeon 196
November 2011
Taer Syraen, the Winter Citadel A fey stronghold in Karrnwood, with special affinity for the cold.
Dragon 406
December 2011
The Trust Description of Gnome's homeland, and their secret service to prevent major crimes.
Dragon 408
Feburary 2012
Dragon 409
March 2012
The Chamber Description of Eberron's prophecy system (generally based on conditions)
Dragon 410
April 2012
The bloodsail Principality
Dragon 411
May 2012
Eston A city destroyed when spells came to life.
Dragon 412
June 2012
The Sovereign Swords
Dragon 413
July 2012
The Kech Ghaalrac A powerful goblin clan that took control of the Gathering Stone.
Dragon 414
August 2012
The Vale of the Inner Sun
Dragon 415
September 2012
The Aurum A brief description of a famous social club. This club rejects major nobles or dragonmarked heirs, as they claim to be an alliance of innovators who don't accept those born unto wealth without talents to accompany it.
Dragon 416
October 2012
Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War
Dragon 418
December 2012
The Winter of the World Describes The Children of Winter, where one intends to destroy stones that cleanse the water and keep people from becoming sick - while thousands will die, those who survive will become stronger for their suffering. Their beliefs focus on trying to maintain the natural cycle (opposing undead or attempts to subvert the spirit of the natural world) to stave off the apocalypse.