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Eyes of the vestige
warlock attack 1

At-Will ✦ arcane, implement, psychic (varies)

Target: one creature

Attack: Constitution vs. Will

Hit: "1d6 + Constitution modifier psychic damage. Choose the target or a creature within 3 squares of the target and within the target's line of sight. You place your Warlock's Curse on that creature; if the creature is already cursed by you, you can deal your Warlock's Curse extra damage to that creature instead of to the target."

Level 21: "2d6 + Constitution modifier psychic damage."
Augment (King Elidyr): "One ally who hits the target before the end of your next turn can roll a saving throw."
Augment (Zutwa): "You gain your Prime Shot bonus against the target until the end of your next turn."

Augment (other vestige): "See the 'Eyes of the Vestige Augment' entry for the daily power that grants access to the vestige."[AP:73]

Eyes of the vestige is an at-will power available to warlocks at 1st level. It is granted automatically to warlocks who choose the vestige pact option for their Eldritch Pact.