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Scrying 16

You extend your senses to the horizon when you will it.

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Special
Component Cost: 3,600 gp, plus a focus worth 2,500 gp
Market Price: 9,000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Farsight is a 16th-level ritual. It was introduced in the "Ritually Speaking" article by Peter Schaefer in Dragon #366, and republished in Arcane Power.[Dr366:29][AP:155]

Farsight functions as the Wizard's Sight ritual (Player's Handbook, page 315), but you can place your scrying sensor in any square you can see. You can see and hear as if you were standing in that square, and you have darkvision through the sensor. Your Perception skill determines whether you hear quiet sounds or notice unobtrusive things while observing an area through the sensor. You cannot place the scrying sensor in a location you can see only by using a scrying sensor.

Your Arcana check result determines how long the sensor lasts.

Arcana Check Result  Duration
19 or lower  2 rounds
20–24  3 rounds
25–29  4 rounds
30–39  5 rounds
40 or higher  6 rounds

The ritual creates a scrying sensor—a shimmer in the air—that watchful creatures might notice. Creatures must succeed on a Perception check (DC 10 + your level) to notice the sensor. They can't disrupt or interact with the sensor in any way.

Sufficiently powerful warding magic, such as the Forbiddance ritual (Player's Handbook, page 305), can block Farsight. If the location is warded in such a manner, you learn that fact as soon as you begin the ritual, so you can interrupt the ritual and not expend any components.

Focus: A mirror or a crystal ball that conveys what you see and hear.