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Feral Armor
Level 7+ uncommon

Level 7: +2 2,600gp
Level 12: +3 13,000gp
Level 17: +4 65,000gp
Level 22: +5 325,000gp
Level 27: +6 1,625,000gp

Armor: Hide
Enhancement: AC, Claw attacks and damage rolls (see text)
Property: Wearing this armor allows a claw attack: A one-handed military light blade melee weapon with +3 proficiency bonus to attack rolls, and 1d8 damage. The wearer is treated as proficient with the weapon. The claw attack and damage rolls have an enhancement bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of the armor. The attack may be used as a melee basic attack.
Power(Encounter, Standard action): Close burst 1; make a melee basic attack using the claw attack granted by this armor against each enemy in the burst.

Feral Armor is a magic item introduced in Bazaar of the Bizarre article in Dragon Magazine. [Dr369:13] The article describes creating magic items that seemed like tools, but had a functional history attached to them.

This armor is developed by Melora's followers, who enchanted the armor with the spirit of the beast from the hide and ready to lash out with claws.


  • According to char-op boards, the power as printed in Dragon 369 was poorly phrased, as it implied that it is creating a new attack power as opposed to letting you use the claws with a weapon power.
  • The armor by itself doesn't give bonus damage to critical hits (magic weapon gives +1d6).