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Fey step
eladrin racial power

Effect: "Teleport up to 5 squares."[PH:38]

Fey step is a racial encounter power gained by eladrin at 1st level.


Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Feral Fey Step[PrP:137] Primal class When first bloodied in an encounter, can use fey step as immediate reaction even if it was used during this encounter.
Fey Duelist[HotF:128] - May expend fey step to gain combat advantage against adjacent enemies.
Feywild Protection[PH:203] Level 11 When fey step is used, +2 bonus to all defenses until end of next turn.
Moon Elf Resilience[FRPG:135] Does not have Sun Elf Grace If bloodied and no allies are within 5 squares, can spend a healing surge after using fey step.
Starlight Duelist Style[Dr368:61] [Arena Fighting] Any martial class, one of Dual Strike, Hit and Run, or Riposte Strike Can use fey step after Hit and run as a free action, or in place of an attack from Riposte Strike.
Sun Elf Grace[FRPG:137] Does not have Moon Elf Resilience If used before first bloodied during an encounter, gain a +1 bonus to all defenses until end of next turn.