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Feygrove choker
Level 12 lurker
Medium (fey humanoid)

XP 700
Senses: Perception +7, Low-light vision
HP: 91; Bloodied 45
Speed: 8 (forest walk), climb 8 (spider climb)
AC 26; Fortitude 24; Reflex 24; Will 21

Alignment unaligned
Languages Elven
Skills Stealth +15
Str 17 (+5) Dex 17 (+5) Wis 13 (+3)
Con 12 (+3) Int 6 (+0) Cha 6 (+0)

The feygrove Choker is a medium fey humanoid creature, a level 12 lurker.[MM:42]


The feygrove choker was updated in a Dungeon article rather than through errata. [Du196]  It undergone the following changes:

  • All defences were increased by 2.
  • It originally had two attacks: Tentacle claw (+17 vs. AC, 2d6+4 damage, target is grabbed) and Choke (Grabbed targets only, +17 vs. Fortitude, 2d8+4 damage). These were merged into one attack.
  • Body shield originally protected only against attacks against Reflex or AC>
  • Chameleon Hide was originally a minor power instead of a trait.

In turn, the dungeon magazine article had errata:

  • The choking tentacle was reduced from 2d8+11 damage and ongoing 15 damage to 2d8+2 and ongoing 10 damage.