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Image obtained from https://www.worldanvil.com/w/fale-pedropenguin/a/the-feywild-article

The Feywild is a realm that is a more extreme and magical reflection of the World.  It is filled with fey creatures and terrible monsters.  The realm is somehow connected to Arvandor and it is believed that a way to Corellon's domain exists within the Feywild. Creatures from here or descended, such as the Elf, Drow and Eladrin, are said to have fey origins.

As an echo of the mortal world, features such as mountains, oceans and other natural terrain appear likewise in the feywild. Any human or mortal construction is not reflected, with vast cities and farmlands instead appearing as untouched wilderness.[1]

The Feywild runs parallel to the mortal world and the Shadowfell, and access to the planes is possible where they connect.       


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