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Fluttering Leaf Style is an arena fighting style feat. It is available to any martial class where the character is either an elf or has a Wisdom of 13. [Dr368:60]

It modifies the following powers:

  • Deft Strike (Rogue): You can move 3 squares before the attack instead of 2.
  • Footwork lure (Fighter): You can shift 2 squares instead of 1, but you must end the shift adjacent to the target.
  • Hit and Run (Ranger): If you move after the attack, you can move up to your speed + 2.
  • Nimble Strike (Ranger): If you are an elf and you miss with this attack and use elven accuracy to reroll, you can add a +2 bonus to the reroll.
  • Viper's strike (warlord): If the target shifts before the end of your next turn, you can also shift 1 square to a space adjacent to the target.